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I have installed Nginx in our redhat machine using rpm. Now we want to add nginx-rtmp module, but inorder to add new module as per the document i need to build it by downloading the tar ball. Does it mean that i have to remove the rpm and install it as per the document.

Ref: https://github.com/arut/nginx-rtmp-module/wiki/Getting-started-with-nginx-rtmp

./configure --add-module=/usr/build/nginx-rtmp-module
make install
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Unlike Apache, all modules, including the 3rd party modules, are going to be compiled into nginx. So every time you want to add a new module, you have to recompile nginx.

So yes, you have to install it as per the document. There is no much value of keeping 2 nginx runtimes on the same server any way. So you may also want to remove the previous nginx.

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Does rpm comes with all the third party modules? For example we are able to configure secure download module with out any compiling or rebuild. Do you think rtmp is included in the nginx rpm? –  user1595858 Apr 17 '13 at 21:04
Don't think so. Check wiki.nginx.org/Modules for the list of modules included in nginx distribution. –  Chuan Ma Apr 17 '13 at 21:57
Do I have to register nginx as a service manually after make install? It also does seem like the config is no longer done through sites-available and sites-enabled but in one large config file under pathtonginx/conf/nginx.conf. –  atrioom Feb 10 at 13:17

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