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I want to write a MATLAB function called matchUp using randperm that returns an n×2 matrix. If the input is an odd number the function should exit and display an explanatory message.

Here is a sample output for n=24:


ans = 
     6    18
    19    10
    20     4
     5     3
    11    15
    23    12
    13     1
    21    24
     2    22
     9    16
     7    17
    14     8

However, when I do randperm(24) I get a vector. How do I proceed?

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I'm not sure if you're asking the question in the question title or in the question body, as they're a bit different. With that said, you can do

nrows = 2;
ncols = 2;
reshape(randperm(ncols*nrows), [nrows ncols])

to get your 2x2 matrix from randperm. This works, in that randperm will generate an n-element vector, where n is its 1st parameter (here, given by ncols*nrows). This column vector is then reshaped into matrix via the reshape function, where its 2nd parameter [nrows ncols] tells it to turn the vector into a [nrows x ncols] matrix. Also, should I assume this is homework?

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this one seems to work I just changes the 2 on nrows into 12. Thanks! –  sneakatone Apr 18 '13 at 1:51

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