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I would like to remove seconds from my x-axis labels as they are unnecessary.

Also I want to center align the tick labels instead of have them positioned to the left of the tick mark.

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Here is some of the code that I've used if this helps

line1 = plot(table.index,table[data],color=colors[0])


tickFormat =  matplotlib.ticker.LinearLocator(numticks=5)

enter image description here

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Can you show us some code of how you generated this graph? You just need to tweak an argument to a formatter. (but I would rather not guess which formatter you are using) – tcaswell Apr 17 '13 at 1:13
I have used the fig.autofmt_xdate() for formatting, is there a specific formatter I can use to manipulate the appearance of seconds? – bishopo Apr 17 '13 at 1:33

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from matplotlib.dates import DateFormatter
formatter = DateFormatter('%H:%M')
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There is also a way to tweak the auto-formatter. Remember to accept your own answer when it will let you – tcaswell Apr 17 '13 at 2:47

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