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For example, say I wanted to import a CSV file from a path on the same machine the postgres server is running on.

There is an environmental variable MyPath set on the system to '/path/to/my/csv/file/'.

I could easily import this CSV file as follow:


Is it possible to reference the MyPath variable from within this postgres sql command? Something along the following lines:

get_environmental_variable('MyPath') || 'myTable.csv'
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Try this while starting

 psql --set 'var=foo' -c '\i thesqlscript' 

And this in the query

update table set column = :var; 

This is taken from this question on the forum

If you are using an older version of postgres, this looks like the same question asked in the postgres forum (though this is many years ago). There is no direct way, but they have given a couple of workarounds.

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If you install PL/R, you can use the plr_environ() function to get a list of environment variables and their values as COPY MyTable from (SELECT VALUE FROM plr_environ() WHERE name = 'MyPath') ; other stored procedure languages probably have similar ways -- in plpython, I'd imagine one could use os.environ['MyPath'], plperlu has access to the %ENV hash, and so on. If you need further help, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to look into this further for you.

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