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I was wondering if that was possible to use mulitple function with a View Helper? Let's say I have this view helper :

class Zend_View_Helper_Time extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract {

    public function time($date) {
        // Some code here

In my view, I'm gonna use it like that :


But what about if I want, in the same helper be able to call another method like :


I tried to do that but unfortunately I've got an error. Are we lock to only use a method name after the class name?

Thanks for your help

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I do this, and simply return $this in the constructor:

public function time() {
     return $this;

public function convertMyDate($some_date) {



If you want to keep $this->time($some_date), then you could do as follows (although I think a new method is nicer):

public function time($time = false) {
       return $this;
    else {
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even if the class worked this call likely wouldn't:


is currently trying to access a public member (Time) of $this:


would now access the convertMyDate() method of helper time() (at least in theory)

It would probably be easiest and more flexible to just build a convertMyDate() helper and use it like:


It also might be helpful to look at the code for something like the HeadScript() helper as this does the type of thing your looking for.

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