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YUI3 deprecated cssgrids, but I don't see a replacement API on the site. How does one layout grids when using YUI3 (in future -- for now, I can use yui2 grids of course)?

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There's no reason you can't use the YUI2 Grids with YUI3. They work fine with the YUI3 CSS Reset & Fonts. A new grid solution for YUI3 is forthcoming according to Luke Smith (he mentioned it in IRC) but until then the YUI2 Grids are still a totally valid option.

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Grids are back in YUI3 now, and they're way better than the YUI2 version. yuiblog.com/sandbox/yui/3.2.0pr1/examples/cssgrids/index.html (until YUI 3.2.0 is official) –  Tivac Aug 26 '10 at 6:58

YUI3 Grids is now on their site in beta. Completely different from before but looks much more flexible.

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