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I used postedDelayed method to refresh my Activity, which works fine. But the problem is that even when I press the Back button postdelayed method call back the previous activity..

//handler for 30000 milli-secs post delay refreshment of the activity

mHandler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
public void run() {

            }, 30000);

protected void dostuff() {
Intent intent = getIntent();
Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "refreshed", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

public void onBackPressed() {

protected void onStop() {
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post your code here –  StinePike Apr 17 '13 at 3:17
Please post your code ........to check the problem –  androidgeek Apr 17 '13 at 4:25
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2 Answers

You can use removeCallbacks(runnable) method of the handler using which you are calling postDelayed() method. For example, if you used:

mHandler.postDelayed(mRunnable, mTime)

for refreshing the activity, then use


in onPause() method of the activity.

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It is still making the Application crash and i am not getting any logs for this. –  MrSMAK Dec 27 '13 at 6:46
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Make a sign of boolean in your postdelayed method. Init the sign as true,when the activity is finnished , set the value of sign as false.

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Your answer's not clear. Perhaps a code sample would make this easier to understand. –  Simon MᶜKenzie Apr 17 '13 at 3:54
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