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I am trying find out the speed and altitude in android without using getspeed() and getAltitude() methods. If any one has any reference material or code snippet with respect to this,please share it so that it can be of some help to me.

Thanks in advance

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"without using getspeed() and getAltitude() methods" - why? –  Simon Apr 17 '13 at 5:47

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Speed can be done by keeping track of location on subsequent updates, finding the distance between them, and dividing by the time difference. Altitude- good luck, you'd need signal strength info that I don't think you can get. You really don't want to do it.

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Thats true.. I am using Great-Circle method to calculate the distance, but I am not getting the correct interval of time to calculate the speed. What must be the deominator. ? We will get distance = CustomeSpeed(lat1,lon1,lat2,lon2) bbut what about the denominator?how to get the time at (lat1,lon1) and (lat2,lon2) –  adi Apr 17 '13 at 8:29
Got speed..But how to find the altitude? –  adi Apr 17 '13 at 10:58
altitude is identical in this sense to lat and lon (although less accurate) If you really want it from a non gps based source some phones with pressure sensors give you an alternative although you need calibration. –  Ifor Apr 18 '13 at 11:03

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