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Has anybody tried browsing assembly language file (filename.s) in source insight?

I just added whole Linux kernel project into source insight but it does not support any of the assembly files.

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In The File field -> Load file -> Browse [give path]-> File Type [make it as all]
Then you will find your ".s" file open it ,
You can use it like normal files

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Yes your procedure is pretty much like temporary purpose. I dont think you can find anything using project search as the files are just opened instead of adding to project !! –  San Apr 17 '13 at 6:16

in settings tab you should find it out. There is an option to add support for all file types.

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When you create the project in Sourceinsight, it adds all the types of files (like *.c, *.h, *.cpp, etc) it knows. It also adds assembly files but only '.asm' and '.inc' files. To include all *.s files as assembly file in the project, You need to tell Sourceinsight to treat '.s' files as assembly files.

This can be by Document Options->Document Type -> select the x86 ASM Source File and then add on the in file filter box inside * s along with *.asm and *.inc. Once you are done with this, now you re-add all the files from root directory of the project (Project->add and remove files) and you will get the *.s files in Sourceinsight.

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