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I am a novice VBA programmer, and I am trying to write a script to interact with a lookup form in a 3rd-party application. The form has a number of text boxes, corresponding to fields like "phone number" and "customer ID", as well as a command button, captioned "lookup". When the command button is clicked, a multi-column listbox on the form is populated with any and all records in the database that match the criterion given. The user must then double-click the specific record that he or she wants, which opens up a new dialog box with options to "adjust" the record in question. I did not make this form, and I do not have direct access to the database it pulls from; the form only allows users to adjust one record at a time. What I would like to accomplish, ultimately, is to make my script copy a list of phone numbers from an excel sheet one at a time, paste them into the correct field on the form, click the "lookup" button, and if one of the fields of the record in the listbox matches a pre-determined value, open the adjustment dialog and change the record.
I have gotten as far as using FindWindow and FindWindowEx to get the handles of the fields I want to paste text into, and using the SendMesage function to interact with the form. However, I am stuck on how to read the data from the listbox that comes up. It does not support copying or pasting, so I can't use SendMessage or SendKeys. Using WinSpy++, the listbox's class is "Afxwnd40", which, from a cursory search of online help forums, is a legacy control that directly "paints" text without the ability to copy it. I have heard some things about using a "hook" to capture data as it is sent to the window in question, but I don't know how to set that up. The only tools I have at my disposal are WinSpy++ and any Windows API calls in VBA. What should I do?

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