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I have an MSDE installed and I have a DB for it. And on a client computer an ODBC alias (x). I want to connect to this using a .NET4 program written in C#. What connection string should I use if I have only a login name (y) and a password (z)?

Or am I to extract server and database name from the registry?

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What have you tried so far. A Google search will net you MANY examples of connection strings for C#... –  Brian Apr 17 '13 at 7:00
Have a look at www.connectionstrings.com; Maybe that will contain the one you need. –  Ferdy Apr 17 '13 at 7:02
I would not ask here if I found a good result in google or connectionstrings.com. Yes I tried both. They got results only if I know the server name. I only got an ODBC alias. –  Zéiksz Apr 17 '13 at 7:04
What does your connection string look like now? How was the ODBC DSN set up? Is it a user DSN, or a system DSN? –  kdmurray Apr 17 '13 at 7:06
I tried this many ways. The current is: "Driver={SQL Server};User ID=" + y + ";Password=" + z + ";DSN=" + x. I tried "Provider", also "Server", etc. tags. No "luck" so far - that is why I ask here. –  Zéiksz Apr 17 '13 at 7:10

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Try this:

Provider=MSDASQL.1;Data Source=x

where x is your ODBC alias. You will need to add security information to this, as per normal.

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The example #4 is for the DSN use.

   OdbcConnection cn;
   OdbcCommand cmd;
   string MyString;

   MyString="Select * from Customers";

   cn= new OdbcConnection("dsn=myDSN;UID=myUid;PWD=myPwd;");

   cmd=new OdbcCommand(MyString,cn);


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