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What's wrong with TextLayoutTransition? Can function pointers not be declared virtual?

LCDWrapper.h:23: error: function definition does not declare parameters

Here's the class.

class LCDInterface {

    // Slots
    virtual void TextSetSpecialChars() = 0;
    virtual void LayoutChangeBefore() = 0;
    virtual void LayoutChangeAfter() = 0;
    virtual void TextSpecialCharChanged(unsigned int i) = 0;
    virtual void ChangeLayout() = 0;
    virtual void (*TextLayoutTransition)(Generic<LCDText> *v){}; // line 23
    virtual void TransitionFinished() = 0;

Edit: Slightly related, and related to Qt, can function pointers be declared as slots/signals?

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No, you cant.. it doesnt make sense to put virtual on a function pointer. You cant override a variable.

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Function pointers are data. Data members can't be virtual. And they can't have a "body" defined through {} as in your example. What were you trying to do with this?

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Also not related to the example in the question, though you get the same error message when having the following code:

class myClass
        get_a { return a; };  // <-- missing () !!!
        int a;

The (obvious) problem is the lack of () after the method get_a.

Hope that helps people following the link when reading the title of the question.

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