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The "permission denied" problem in IE seems to be very common. I have read a lot of questions here, but no one matches my case, as far as I can see.

Most of the "permission denied" problems occur in conjunction with iframes or ajax-requests. But in my case there are neither iframes nor ajax requests. The error is thrown in the ready-function of jQuery, but I don't think it is really a jQuery problem. It seems to be a kind of race condition.

The error is thrown sporadically when I click a button to request a new page and immediately click a button which calls the print() function which in turn opens the print dialog. The next page uses $(document).ready() to initialize the application. jQuery stores window.document in a local variable document when initialized and this variable is later used in the ready-function to check if document.body exists. Sometimes the access to that local variable document is denied, but you can access the original window.document.

Even if I don't have tried to reproduce the error without jQuery yet, I think it is not a specific problem of jQuery, but of the fact, that window.document is stored in a local variable which is not or no more accessible at a later time.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to create a simple example yet, which reproduces the problem. In the original application it seems that the problem occurs more frequently if the request/response takes a longer time.

I have no more ideas, how to find out why that happens every now and then.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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