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I'm trying to implement Flurry Analytics on my app and here's the log for the session.

04-17 07:31:10.292: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Initializing Flurry session
04-17 07:31:10.311: D/FlurryAgent(5431): New session
04-17 07:31:10.681: I/FlurryAgent(5431): loading persistent data: /data/data/com.jekkusan.myapp/files/.flurryagent.4b5cc4c4
04-17 07:31:10.691: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Loading API key: ****************Z8R4
04-17 07:31:10.691: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Loading phoneId: AND21ed71f9f324aa40
04-17 07:31:10.691: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Loading session reports
04-17 07:31:10.691: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Persistent file loaded
04-17 07:31:10.731: D/FlurryAgent(5431): generating report
04-17 07:31:10.761: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Sending report to: http://data.flurry.com/aap.do
04-17 07:31:20.001: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Report successful
04-17 07:31:20.001: D/FlurryAgent(5431): Done sending initial agent report

I'm not seeing any change on my app's dashboard. I already waited for so long, around 1 hour but still no change at all. How am I suppose to fix this?

Also, I am calling FlurryAgent.onStartSession(context, "APP_KEY") on my Activity's onStart() and FlurryAgent.onEndSession(context) on onStop().


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you are doing everyhting right, but it may take more than 1 hour.. –  Nermeen Apr 17 '13 at 7:42
Thanks for the fast reply. I'll report back here later, after 2 to 3 hours, and see if it worked. Thanks! –  dzep Apr 17 '13 at 7:46
I was 6 hours but no logs yet. :( –  dzep Apr 17 '13 at 14:06

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My code is working, there's no problem here. I just have to wait for several hours to see the changes on the server.

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