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is there any way to create a OneToOneField, which can be empty on both sides?

I mean if i' ve this relation between ModelA and ModelB, i want to allow ModelA not having a ModelB relatioship, and ModelB not having a ModelA relationship.

In my example there' s this code:

class Forum(models.Model):

class Jobs(models.Model):
forum = models.OneToOneField(Forum, blank = True, null = True)

. This works pretty well from Jobs -> Forum direction, but when i try it from Forum -> Jobs direction, certainly i get query does not exist error.

As a workaround i could use ManyToManyField or hasattr to check it, but i' d be interested rather in a OneToOneField like solution.


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1 Answer

You should create an access method for the reverse relationship.

Have a look how Django's User model implements this with get_profile.

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