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Can we place <img> inside <h1> according to web standards? like this

<h1> Demo text <img src="anyimage.jpg"/> </h1>
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Yes, you can - the DTD says:

<!ELEMENT h1  %Inline;>
<!ENTITY % Inline "(#PCDATA | %inline; | %misc.inline;)*">
<!ENTITY % inline "a | %special; | %fontstyle; | %phrase; | %inline.forms;">
<!ENTITY % special "%special.pre; | object | img ">

That basically means h1 can contain %Inline, which is made of various things, including img

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Look who is using it: http://www.w3.org/

<h1 class="logo"><a tabindex="2" accesskey="1" href="/"><img src="/2008/site/images/logo-w3c-mobile-lg" width="90" height="53" alt="W3C" /></a> <span class="alt-logo">W3C</span></h1>
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Well, that might be wrong usage. When using screen reader it reads out loud: "W3C W3C". Because it reads out loud alt attribute and span element. I'm not sure but if span were defined with display: hidden it wouldn't read it. Good reading for ALT text is here. –  Ciantic Apr 24 '13 at 17:33

Yes, this is allowed. But don’t forget to set the alt attribute on the img!

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Yes and no.

You can place an image inside an h1 element, but not quite like that … the alt attribute is mandatory.

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