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I am trying to implement toastr in my solution.

I have made an extension method from a post Adding toastr : webforms

And getting the Error:SCRIPT5009: 'toastr' is undefined

I have the references in my master page and I am using jQuery and Foundation in my project and all is ok.

public static class MyExtensions
    public static void ShowToastr(this Page page, string message, string title, string type = "error")
        page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(page.GetType(), "toastr_message",
            String.Format("toastr.{0}('{1}','{2}');", type.ToLower(), message, title), addScriptTags: true);


I am calling the error in my code when user try an insert an empty string.

if (txt_CentreName.Text == "")
   this.ShowToastr("Hello World", "Hello");

The only alteration I have made is take toastr.css out of the content folder and move it into my styles folder. I have looked through the toastr.js to see if it references it in the code but cannot see the contents folder any where. Is this where I have gone wrong.

I have just opened up chrome and in the console window typed toastr and it is on the page.

Object {clear: function, error: function, getContainer: function, info: function,        options: Object…}
clear: function ($toastElement) {
error: function (message, title, optionsOverride) {
getContainer: function getContainer(options) {
info: function (message, title, optionsOverride) {
options: Object
success: function (message, title, optionsOverride) {
version: "1.2.2"
warning: function (message, title, optionsOverride) {
__proto__: Object 

In the toastr.js the first lines ; (function (define) { define(['jquery'], function ($) { because my folders are on my root and im using toatsr in subfolders do I need to put a back slash in front of this. How does toatsr know where to find jquery as I think that might be the problem??

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It sounds like the your toastr call is running before the scripts have fully loaded in the page - are your scripts registered in the <HEAD /> or just before the </BODY> tag? –  bUKaneer Apr 17 '13 at 11:43
They were registered in the master page at the bottom. I have moved jquery to the head and when I insert the toastr.js and css file into my aspx page at the top it works. But I thought it would work from the master page but just get undefined. –  StudentRik Apr 17 '13 at 11:50
When you're working with client side (javascript / css etc) it doesnt matter whether its in the masterpage or not - only where the code "ends up" in the final rendered html that is sent down the wire to the browser. Nothing exciting happens with <script> or <style> tags until it hits the browser so its really important that code using those libraries is executed AFTER their resources are fully loaded by the browser. If you want all your scripts referenced at the bottom of the page you need to make sure your "inline" code appears after that. ;o) –  bUKaneer Apr 17 '13 at 11:55
even if I reference them in the head of my masterPage it still doesn't work. The only thing that has worked is in the contentPlaceHolder for the page being rendered. –  StudentRik Apr 17 '13 at 12:01

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