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I'm looking for the most standards-compliant / future-proof method for front-end HTML templating.

There exists a relatively new W3C draft specification for HTML Templates, e.g.:

<template id="mytemplate">
    <img src="" alt="great image">
    <div class="comment"></div>

Does anyone know if any good JavaScript polyfills already exist to make <template> element usable in a cross-browser way? Preferably complying with this standard.


According the the HTML5Rocks guide these templates have the following properties:

  • "Its content is effectively inert until activated"
  • "Script doesn't run, images don't load, audio doesn't play,"
  • "Content is considered not to be in the document"
  • "Templates can be placed anywhere inside of <head>, <body>, or <frameset>"

I think it is impossible to implement all four of these properties purely with a JavaScript polyfill, so any solution would only be partial.

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There is a jsfiddle that demonstrates such a polyfill.

    // Shim so we can style in IE6/7/8

<template id="example">
        This is template content.
        It's really great.

<div id="target">
        This is regular old content.

(function templatePolyfill(d) {
    if('content' in d.createElement('template')) {
        return false;

    var qPlates = d.getElementsByTagName('template'),
        plateLen = qPlates.length,

    for(var x=0; x<plateLen; ++x) {
        elPlate = qPlates[x];
        qContent = elPlate.childNodes;
        contentLen = qContent.length;
        docContent = d.createDocumentFragment();

        while(qContent[0]) {

        elPlate.content = docContent;

var elExample = document.getElementById('example'),
    elTarget = document.getElementById('target');


As for libraries, and I don't know that they support it yet, but try something like Modernizr and Initializr

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Do you have a link to the jsfiddle? (although also it it's not advisable to create a link only answer). I am aware of Modernizr (Initializr just seems to include Modernizr for its polyfills) and it doesn't polyfill <template>s. It looks like Modernizr might include detection but that's it. –  Robin Winslow Apr 17 '13 at 9:22
The link is in my answer above, click on the text jsfiddle –  Xotic750 Apr 17 '13 at 9:26
Your answer doesn't support the important requirement - security. ;) Once you put your template in a <template> element in a browser that doesn't treat it specially, you don't have an inert template. Load jsfiddle.net/h3EmY/80 in IE10-11 and you'll see. –  m_gol May 11 '14 at 22:15
You can simulate inertness via using a script tag with a custom mime type but then you don't get .content. –  m_gol May 11 '14 at 22:15
I don't use IE of any version, and while it is useful to point out security, the OP wanted: preferably a standards compliant polyfill but if not available then any solution close to it. A quote from Modernizr "just because you can use a polyfill doesn’t mean you should" –  Xotic750 May 11 '14 at 22:31

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