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Is there any way to tell setuptools or distribute to require a package on a specific platform?

In my specific case, I'm using readline, which comes as part of the standard library on Unix systems, but on Windows I need the pyreadline module to replace that functionality (cf. this question). If I just put it in the requirements It also installs on Unix systems where it's completely useless.

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up vote 6 down vote accepted is simply a python script. You can create dynamic dependencies in that script:

import platform

setup_requires = ['foo', 'bar']

if platform.system() == 'Windows':

    # ...
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Will that still work if I upload a binary distribution? – Manuel Ebert Apr 17 '13 at 9:18
Binary distributions are platform specific. You generally want to avoid creating binary distributions though; only do that if your package contains C extensions, and then only for Windows. And you'd build those on Windows already, so the dependency would be set correctly. – Martijn Pieters Apr 17 '13 at 9:20
This works nice for python install, but if I upload a source distribution, how will this work for Windows clients trying to install my source distribution when downloading it using pip install mypkg? – André Caron Apr 13 at 19:46
Nevermind, see Remco Haszing's answer. – André Caron Apr 13 at 19:47

While the answer given by Martijn Pieters was totally valid at the time, Python packaging has changed a lot since then.

The preferred format to distribute packages is using wheels*. Using wheels it is not possible to run Python code during installation.

Wheel use metadata version two as specified in PEP 0427. Environment markers can be used to specify platform specific dependencies.

Setuptools allows to specify these environment markers as extras_require keys. The following example script depends on pyreadline for Windows systems and on pyxdg for Linux distributions.

#!/usr/bin/env python
from setuptools import setup

        ':sys_platform == "win32"': [
        ':"linux" in sys_platform': [

*Also release an sdist, so platforms which can't use wheel can still install your package.

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This should totally be the accepted answer! – André Caron Apr 13 at 19:47

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