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i need something written in javascript or jquery that copy a content of a page (for example there is a page with a html table in which there are lot of fields about the weather in my city, i'd like to copy the fields (morning: 10°C, afternoon: 15°C, evening: 11°C), in a web page i'll create). Obviusly that fields have to be reloaded every X minutes (for example 30 minutes) because the fields with the weather are reloaded every X minutes in their database.

I hope my english is not to much bad, so you could help me in this problem. Thank yall!

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Are you asking how to copy content from somebody else's page into your own? –  nnnnnn Apr 17 '13 at 8:42
yes only inputs like <div class="first_class">10°C</div>.. exactly "10°C"... etc.. it's possible!? –  Ludovico Loreti Apr 17 '13 at 8:43
I don't really support the idea of nicking stuff from somebody else's page, both because it seems a bit dishonest and because from a practical point of view your code would probably break if they decide to change their layout. If weather data is what you are looking for why not find a weather service that provides an API so that you can retrieve the data directly? See this question: best-weather-apis-free-for-commercial-use. –  nnnnnn Apr 17 '13 at 8:47

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I guess what you are asking about is web Scraping.

There is a Javascript framework to handle this called PJScrape, there may be others and a G* search should help you.

There is also a question regarding simple scraping here on stackexchange.

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You can't do this with JavaScript because of Same Origin Policy. You need to download this page with PHP and then parse your values. You can use for example PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to work with downloaded page like with JavaScript (there are examples on their site so i dont append example code here)...

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