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I have multiple mutually exclusive data sources and I want to configure which implementation to inject/autowire into Controller based on a property defined in a configuration file.

I'm thinking of something along the lines @Qualifier but I'm no spring expert so can't figure the mechanics.

The aim is to avoid the convoluted if/else that will result.

Any ideas?

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You can do the trick with context:property-placeholder and @Qualifier.

It will look like the following:



spring context file


<bean id="myService" class="${some.implementation}" />


private MyService myService;

As the opposite solution: you can save in properties file bean ID, and use it within @Qualifier


But if you are using Spring 3.1+, then you probably need to look at Profiles mechanism.

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Thank you very much. The profiles feature looks good especially since i will have a number of classes doing this dynamic behaviour and we are using 3.1.2.RELEASE. will explore both Tx –  Farouk Alhassan Apr 17 '13 at 9:29

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