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I've got the following situation: I got the (mini)dump file of a crashed application. I haven't got the exe and pdb file, for which the dump file was created, but i have the exact source for the program version which crashed (via source control), so i can recreate the binary and pdb file. Now the problem is, that i can't use the dump file with visual studio, since the signature and/or timestamp between the dump-file and the binary/pdb does not match (afaik). I now know, i could use WinDbg and force it to use the newly created binary and pdb files, but i (more than me, my colleagues) want to use Visual Studio to debug the dump, which is not possible. Searching the web, i found programs to match the signatures between the binary and the pdb, but this is not, what i want (since they are equal already).

Now i look for a way to match the signature and time stamp of the dump file with those of the newly created binary and pdb file. Does someone now a program or another way how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

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What kind of minidump do you have? Is full application memory available (.dump /ma)? If so, you could extract the EXE, then get the timestamp and hopefully be able to copy that timestamp into your PDB. –  Thomas W. Dec 29 '13 at 23:14

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