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I am trying to develop a security application , I want initially to display list of installed apps and on item click of list , its required permissions.

I have successfully made the app till permissions. Now , I want to disable camera , internet, etc, using Device admin API, I wish to include "Disable Camera" option in the settings of "AppsList" ie my list of installed apps Application ?

Can someone guide me how to do it ? Should I need to use preferences ? Any help appreciated,new to android development.

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On developers.android.com here it describes as

Disable camera

Beginning with Android 4.0, you can disable the camera. Note that this doesn't have to be a permanent disabling. The camera can be enabled/disabled dynamically based on context, time, and so on.

You control whether the camera is disabled by using the setCameraDisabled() method. For example, this snippet sets the camera to be enabled or disabled based on a checkbox setting:


 private CheckBoxPreference mDisableCameraCheckbox; DevicePolicyManager
     mDPM; ComponentName mDeviceAdminSample; ...
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