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I'm using a micro controller STM32f100RB. In one of head files ,there's something I can not understand.The code is as following.Can anybody tell me What the symbol "\" is ? Is it an operator?How to understand it?

I'm a newbie here.If anything I did is not proper ,please let me know. Thank you.

                                    ((PERIPH) == GPIOB) || \
                                    ((PERIPH) == GPIOC) || \
                                    ((PERIPH) == GPIOD) || \
                                    ((PERIPH) == GPIOE) || \
                                    ((PERIPH) == GPIOF) || \
                                    ((PERIPH) == GPIOG))
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Its showing the remaining of the macro will be in the next line –  user2247801 Apr 17 '13 at 10:39
Before blaming it on your microcontroller it's always worth looking it up a language reference. –  Alexey Frunze Apr 17 '13 at 10:47
Thank you guys. –  Yue Wang Apr 17 '13 at 10:58

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The backslash just tells the pre-processor to treat the next line as if it is on this same line. This is required since macros are defined on a "single line"... so this lets multiple lines be coalesced into one.

Note that in some (all?) pre-processors, the backslash must be the final character on the line... including whitespace.

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It means, that the macro continues on the next row, as macros are required to be defined on one row (the \ actually "escapes" the symbol(s) for new row).

Basically, you macro is the same as:


Which, as you can see, it's harder for reading and understanding than the one, posted in your question.

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The gcc documentation states:

A continued line is a line which ends with a backslash, \. The backslash is removed and the following line is joined with the current one. No space is inserted, so you may split a line anywhere, even in the middle of a word. (It is generally more readable to split lines only at white space.)

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\ is macro is nothing but we are just informing preprocessor that there is no new line next statement is also on the same line.....

when there is a big expression which cant be fit in one single line or if it fits than it is not unreadable than this \ is used. it removes at preprocessor stage.

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