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My application is a paid application which is also using apk expansion library.

For testing I have added a test account in my developer console say

And it's working as expected (Expansion files are downloaded) when I am testing with a device which was registered with above account first.

But the problem occurred when I installed a signed apk to a device which is already registered with

I have added account before the installation of signed apk, And as a checklist I made sure Gmail and Google Play are working properly with this account.

But upon running the app, I have got the error

"Download failed because you may not have purchased the app".

What should I do to test the application in above condition? Do I need to remove Or is there any workaround?

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It's done and final.

Android LVL aka Licencing verification library only fetches primary account (Google account you registered first for your device) to work with.

Quoting android's original documentation

The Google Play client collects the necessary information about the user and the device, such as the device's primary Google account username, IMSI, and other information. It then sends the license check request to the server on behalf of your application.

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