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I am using BButton (https://github.com/jessesquires/BButton) to draw some nice looking buttons in cells within a UICollectionView. When I refresh the UICollectionView's data, I record some memory leaks (one leaked object per cell in the CollectionView). I have traced this back using instruments to a CGGradient that is created in 'BButton.m':

gradient = CGGradientCreateWithColors(colorSpace, (__bridge CFArrayRef)newGradientColors, newGradientLocations);

I am aware that CGGradients should be released ( CGGradientRelease() ), however I am not sure where exactly to release this, I have tried a few locations (after the button is drawn, before the return in the init methods) but I still get the same issue.

Everything is done in IB, the buttons & cells are not created programatically.

Any help would be appreciated, I am close to tearing my hair out!


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I assume you are using ARC. And if you are I think your problem is your CFArrayRef not transferring ownership. I found this post so I don't need to duplicate what I mean.

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Thanks, I have now got this working! –  larrysanchez Apr 24 '13 at 14:15
Can you post your solution, please? –  Hyndrix Sep 23 at 5:54

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