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Is there a way to covert a Symbol into a String?

For instance, a VariableMirror returns Symbols instead of Strings. Is there a way to convert a Symbol into a String, so I can print all the variable names of a class?

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Use MirrorSystem.getName():

import 'dart:mirrors';

void main() {
  var sym = new Symbol('test');

This outputs:

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Awesome. Thank you. –  Victor Savkin Apr 17 '13 at 21:50

It turns out there is an easy solution




see also: https://code.google.com/p/dart/issues/detail?id=17471


An interesting comment to the issue linked above from @lrn

It is "difficult to use" on purpose. Symbols can be minified by dart2js, and looking up their original name is only done through the mirror system. This allows dart2js to know whether the feature is used at all, and not include a translation table if it isn't necessary. In general, I recommend coding in a way that doesn't need to convert symbols to strings, if at all possible. Treat them as opaque tokens, and only compare them to other tokens.

The smoke package provides a service for this that gets translated to code by its transformer in a way that also works in minified JavaScript. symbolToName() and nameToSymbol().

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Some example code:

// Listen for App changes so we can do some things.
app.changes.listen((List<ChangeRecord> records) {
  PropertyChangeRecord record = records[0] as PropertyChangeRecord;
  String changedValue = MirrorSystem.getName(record.name);

  if (changedValue == "pageTitle") {
    print("$changedValue changed!");
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