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i tried hard to figure this out but no success. Simple thing i want to do is to change the position of a button. I found rect property but it takes Dimensionobject as value.Sorry, but i'm not able to create object for Dimension. i try this way

var dim = new Dimension();
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This is not really an Dimension object. For iOS you would call this a dictionary.

To change the position of an element in Titanium you shoul use

  left: <left>,
  right: <right>,
  top: <top>,
  bottom: <bottom>,
  width: <width>,
  height: <height>,

Of course you don't need to set all the values but only all them you need.

The size and rect property is also only for read purpose not for write or changing.

This and this provides useful instructions

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Thanks.It was helpful. –  iEngineer Apr 17 '13 at 15:14

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