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Hello am trying to parse log file and redirecting the output to some number of files but lastly some junk named file is creating.. GLOB(0x152c4e4).txt, GLOB(0x1545c1c).txt like that In code am defining each variable in global

my $g1logFIle = " " ;
my $V1gFIle = " " ;
my $D1logFIle = " " ;
my $D1logFIle = " " ;

Again am opening a file to redirect its output-

open( $g1logFIle, ">>" , g1logFIle.".txt" ) or die $!;
open( $V1logFIle, ">>" , V1logFIle.".txt" ) or die $!;
open( $D1logFIle, ">>" , D1logFIle.".txt" ) or die $!;

And while parsing am just printing my parsed output in file-

print $D1logFIle "+D1Launch Request ", ($D1hMetrics{NoOfTimes} + 1), "\n\n"
print $V1logFIle  "+VOD Launch Request ", ($V1Metrics{NoOfTimes} + 1), "\n\n";

where am doing wrong??

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You asked this yesterday and got several answers... –  akluth Apr 17 '13 at 12:42

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When I run your code, I get files like g1logFIle.txt. The GLOB(0x152c4e4).txt files would have been created if you used the $g1logFIle variable in the file name. You should use different variables for the file handle (the first argument of open) and the file name (the third argument).

open my $G_HANDLE, '>>', "$g1logFIle.txt" or die $!;
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Thanks for your valuable help.. It works for me.. –  user2282534 Apr 17 '13 at 14:50

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