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I have a Fluid Problem.

This code:

<f:form.textfield class="wettersuchinput" maxlength="4" type="email" name="zip" value="{zip}" placeholder="PLZ für Lokalwetter eingeben"/>

I want to fill just numbers in this input textfield. I tried to change the type in numbers, but that's not that i want to.

Can anybody help me to allow just numbers in this textfield ?

I am looking for a soluthion without viewhelper.

Thank you

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Use the attribute pattern on the input field:

<f:form.textfield maxlength="4" name="zip" value="{zip}" additionalAttributes="{pattern: '[0-9]{4}'}"/>

The allows only inputs consisting of exactly four digits. If the input is valid or not may be checked by the CSS pseudo-classes :valid and :invalid.

Of course this won't work in all browsers (yes, I am looking at you, IE), and it does not help you with security - a malevolent user can easily circumvent this. Use the server side validation for security.

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This pattern attribute launches an exception: #1237823695: Argument "pattern" was not registered. – Memochipan Jun 13 at 22:11
Ok, this is an error in the answer - use additionalAttributes instead: <f:form.textfield maxlength="4" name="zip" value="{zip}" additionalAttributes="{pattern: '[0-9]{4}'}"/>. Answer is corrected. – Jost Jun 14 at 4:50

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