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I'm using Wix Installer to copy a folder under program files folder. But I couldn't do it for entire folder. I can do it only by file by file basis.

I would appreciate any help on this regard

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<Directory Id="CopyTestDir"...>

<Property Id="SOURCEDIRECTORY" Value="c:\doc\bin\path" />

<Component Guid="A7C42303-1D77-4C70-8D5C-0FD0F9158EB4" Id="CopyComponent">
    <CopyFile Id="SomeId" SourceProperty="SOURCEDIRECTORY"
      DestinationDirectory="CopyTestDir" SourceName="*" />

It doesn't handle subdirectories though. If you don't have a known directory structure for the source files, then you'll need to pursue the semi-custom action approach, writing entries into the MoveFile table for each directory.


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Great answer..!!! Can you just let me know instead of hard coded value(c:\doc\bin\path). How do fetch the value from part of installer? Because I'd like to distribute this to customer –  Smaug Apr 17 '13 at 14:09
I'm not entirely sure but this question may help you stackoverflow.com/questions/13876128/wix-get-value-from-paths –  Rachel Gallen Apr 17 '13 at 14:16

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