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I would like to be able to have my application's users have the ability to add movies they've "Watched" to their Timeline - specifically in the "Movies" collection of their Timeline, as show here:

enter image description here

It appears that these activities are solely published via the "Movies" application (an internal Facebook-controlled application). Is there no way to programmatically add a movie to one of these collections via the video_watches or video_wants_to_watch action?

I can see that any application can post via these actions via the documentation

but they end up "sandboxed" under a different application's Collection (if the application has a Collection set up for that particular action/object pair).

Additionally, there seems to be no way to tie an application's collection data to the Movies collection like the Music collection seems to - which is how I would assume the third-party application's video_watches data would append or combine with Facebook's "Movies" application data.

I have tried to follow the documentation at to create a URL with which to integrate the application data, but it does not appear to function at all.[appname] simply does nothing. It just brings you to the "Movies" collection on your Timeline with no option to add your app's data to that section. Nothing like what's shown here (from the Facebook documentation) for Music, giving you the option to add your application's data to the Movies collection:

enter image description here

Is this something exclusive only to the "Music" collection at this point? When will the other "first-party" collections (other than Music) accept "third-party" application data?

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Also see the following screengrabs: - Option to Add Apps to Movies - No Movie Apps to Add – Nathan Chase Apr 17 '13 at 17:20
Silly question, you keep saying sandboxed... did your action actually get approved? – phwd Apr 29 '13 at 23:47
I can post on /me/ but it does not appear in the watched list either. I also noticed that the message in the timeline is slightly different ("Régis has watched XXX" vs "Régis has added XXX to: Watched movies"). Goodreads has been able to change the content of the books, but maybe they have had a priviledged access to the API. – rds May 5 '13 at 19:12

You need open graph items to use this method:

If you use a open graph object of type movie.other you can use:

I use to get the movie open graph objects. For example if you want to add Star Wars Episode VI to your whatchlist on facebook you can use:

Note that in the open graph is movie.

You can also do the same to add watched movies, rate it, add books, music...

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