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I would like to use a filter like a i18n engine, and this filter is working fine. However, if I try to use the i18n filter inside a template HTML (using $routeProvider) I can't do this work.

My Filter:

app.filter('i18n', function() {
    return function (input) {
        return $.i18n._(input);

My HTML template:

<div class="fieldConfig first">
                <label id="label_topology" for="topology" class="labelMedio">{{"Topologia" | i18n}}:</label>                    

My Controller:

function WanCtrl($scope, $routParams, $i18n) {
    $scope.title = 'Wan';


Does I need to put anything more in my controller to work my filter inside the template?


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Your code looks OK after 3-seconds scanning. Send a plunker with the life code and you will get a response in no time. –  pkozlowski.opensource Apr 17 '13 at 18:17

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A filter like an i18n engine? This is supported in angular-translate! :)

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To use filters anywhere (controllers, directives, services, etc.) and not just in templates, you need to reference the $filter service. In your case, you're referencing $i18n in your controller's parameters which isn't the correct way to go about it.

Instead, pass in $filter, and use the i18n filter like so:

function WanCtrl($scope, $routeParams, $filter) {
    $scope.title = $filter('i18n')('Wan');

For more explanation, see this StackOverflow post on the matter.

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