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I am developing custom camel component. It has only Consumer support means it can be called in from endpoint only. Let's assume my custom component registered with 'mycomp' scheme.

Req 1: We have use case where we need to support below route.


Above route is working as I have provided endpoint with the implementation of createConsumer()

Req 2: Now, we have another requirement to start above route at specific time. (assume every day at 08:00 AM)

For Req2, I have decided to use camel-quartz component. As we know, quartz also support only from endpoint and from endpoint for my req2 will be like ..


Now, the Problem:

My custom component need from() endpoint and it also need to trigger at specific time. But quartz also works with from() endpoint only. In Camel I can NOT have route with two from like .. from("xxx").from("yyy") ..

One of the workaround:

I can develop processor which start route defined for "mycomp" and final route will be something like ..



But again I need to come up with processor which stops MyRoute at specific time using quartz scheduling .. it will be something like ..


Above, I am stopping at 8:30 AM. But this is the limitation with this solution and in real life I don't know what is the safe time to stop MyRoute.

Please share your ideas/input on how to achieve both Req1 and Req2. Please ask if you need further details on my usecase.

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Just use a cron-sheduled route policy, maybe?

Here is a useful link - documentation

Just create a new policy, set start time or stop time or whatever you want to and then add the policy to your route.

For eg;

CronScheduledRoutePolicy yourPolicy = new CronScheduledRoutePolicy();

//set start time etc on your policy 

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thanks for your idea. I didn't evalute the option throughly as we have decided something to go with from(quartz).to(mycomp).to(file) route pattern. Here is my view on your suggestion, I think CronScheduleRoutePolicy will just allow to start route once and will work with if given route is schedule to start at given time (using cron). But, I want to trigger this route multiple time so I again need to stop it and start it again. –  nurali.techie May 3 '13 at 3:18

Second workaround/solution:

Meanwhile, I have found another way to achieve this.

I have developed a processor which first call suspendRoute() and then immediately call resumeRoute() methods for route with 'mycomp' scheme .. something like below ..





    public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
        CamelContext ctx = exchange.getContext();

Now, out of above two; the second one looks more closer to ideal solution. Can any one share what it takes (wrt performance and design) to suspend() and resume() route as above. With second solution, MyRoute will start on 8:00 AM and second day again on 8:00 AM it's first suspend and then resume and on third day again on 8:00 AM .. suspend followed by resume.

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