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I have a problem with foreign keys.

The master table is:

Course (courseName, courseId) 

and PK is courseId

The second table is:

Section (sectionId, courseId) 

and PK is (sectionId, courseID), FK is courseID reference Course(courseId)

And the problem table is:

GradeReport (studentId, sectionId, courseId, grade) 

and PK is (studentID, sectionID, courseID)

The FK's are

  • courseId reference Course(courseID)
  • sectionId reference Section(sectionID)

(no permisson for (courseId, sectionId) reference Section(courseId, sectionID))

The first FK is OK! But the second one gives me an error:

ORA-02270: no matching unique or primary key for this column-list

How can I solve this problem?

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Since the primary key of Section is (sectionId, courseID), the foreign key constraint of GradeReport must be (sectionID, courseID).

In fact you will not need a foreign key constraint on GradeReport referencing Course, since the courseID will be in this foreign key constraint.

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But no permission for GradeReport(sectionID, courseID) reference Section (sectionID, courseID) courseId must be referencing the courseId field of the Course table. –  user2291241 Apr 17 '13 at 14:56
I do not understand the "(no permisson for (courseId, sectionId) reference Section(courseId, sectionID))" line in your questions. You stated the error as "ORA-02270: no matching unique or primary key for this column-list" which would happen if you did "sectionId reference Section(courseID, sectionID)" instead of "sectionId reference Section(courseID, sectionID) –  Marlin Pierce Apr 17 '13 at 16:02
the instructor says that you must reference the courseID only from Course table. not in Section table. So we can only use course table for CourseId. –  user2291241 Apr 17 '13 at 18:35
In that case, I don't think CourseID is part of the primary key of the Section table. If the SectionID is an auto increment integer, it will be unique without CourseID. –  Marlin Pierce Apr 17 '13 at 19:02

I don't understand the question fully, but if I had these tables my foreign keys would be:

  • Section (which I think is OK for you already)

    FOREIGN KEY ..name.. REFERENCES Course(CourseID)
  • GradeReport (which is where I think you have the problem)

    FOREIGN KEY ..name.. REFERENCES Section(SectionID, CourseID)

You don't need a separate Foreign Key for GradeReport.CourseID because it's already part of the SectionID, CourseID foreign key to Section, and Section.CourseID can be trusted because of the Section table's foreign key with Course.

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