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I am using oracle 11g and I have three tables whose structure are as follows

  Main_id   Sub_id  col1   col2 
   123       123     blah   blah

Main_id to Sub_id is a one to one mapping

and in another table i have

 id  sub_id type   
  1  123    a
  2  123    b 

In this table a sub_id can contain more than one type and

on the third table i have each type with an address similar to this

   Type     Name    address state city zip
    a        x1        a1    s1    c1  z1
    b        x2        a2    s2    c2  z2

I can probably have a maximum of three types a/b/c for any main_id/sub_id.

My question is can i achieve a end result with the following columns like this using pivot/case statements. I basically need a query with just one row given a parameter of sub_id/main_id.

Main_id   Sub_id   a_name a_address a_state a_city a_zip b_name b_address b_city b_zip....c_zip
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