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I am trying to find out, using VBScript, the number of instances of a shared Excel file running on different systems.

Let's say the file is 'test.xls', and it is placed on a shared drive and different people are accessing it. I want to find out, using VBscript, from how many places this file has been opened.


It will be very helpful if anyone can suggest a method to implement the semaphore concept using VBScript on an Excel file. That is, only one person can use the Excel file at a time.

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Here you go... use the userstatus property to "Return a 1-based, two-dimensional array that provides information about each user who has the workbook open as a shared list"

Hope this helps, there is a code example in the link

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Hi Oliver, Thanks a lot. that helped me and fulfill my purpose. –  User42 Apr 18 '13 at 15:44

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