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In KnockoutJS is there a way to serialize nested structures of observable arrays to JSON? I am using JSON.stringify, but since it doesn't access the arrays as someObservableArray(), it will not be able to serialize the nested arrays:

Ex: I have an observable array where each item contains an observable array as a property .

Currently I am manually converting it to a standard JS object before calling JSON.stringify, but is there another knockout function that will enable me to convert it to JSON directly

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You can use the ko.toJSON function which can serialize nested observable structures to JSON:

var vm = {
    someObservableArray: ko.observableArray(
        prop: ko.observable('val1'),
        childArray: ko.observableArray([{
            prop2: ko.observable('vla2')
        }, {
            prop2: ko.observable('val3')
    }, {
        prop: ko.observable('val4'),
        childArray: ko.observableArray([{
            prop2: ko.observable('val5')
        }, {
            prop2: ko.observable('val6')
// output: {"someObservableArray":[{"prop":"val1","childArray":[{"prop2":"vla2"},
//         {"prop2":"val3"}]},{"prop":"val4","childArray":[{"prop2":"val5"},
//         {"prop2":"val6"}]}]}

Demo JSFiddle.

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