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I use Tomcat in production.

Are Jetty and Winstone (What is a lightweight, fast, java servlet container?) suitable for production use?

I'm happy to let go of features in return for simplicity. Servlets and filters are probably sufficient and the server isn't heavily loaded, so interested to experiment with running it on a minimalist platform. Sticking with Tomcat is also fine.

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RE: Jetty

  • Short Answer: Yes

  • Long Answer: Yes, of course...many companies use jetty in production, either in its distribution form or embedded into their applications. In fact, I just updated this jetty powered page on the eclipse site.

The about page with some additional info:

and finally a 'Why Choose Jetty?' link:

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Thanks for the quick reply and information links. Spotted a typo in the why choose Jetty: "A samll memory footprint" – David Carboni Apr 18 '13 at 13:41
Thx, Carboni. Just fixed it. And +1 on using jetty in production. – Thomas Becker Apr 18 '13 at 15:42

Another one to consider is Undertow by JBoss. It's lightweight and easy to get started with. Supports servlets and both blocking and non-blocking io.

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