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I am trying to create a WIX installer to install my windows service to run under the NetworkService account and getting an Insufficient Priviledges error during the installation.

I found this post where someone seems to be experiencing the same problem but no real solution was offered:


I'm sure someone must have acheived this previously and wondered if they'd be kind enough to share a code snippet?

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On which OS do you run your setup? if Vista is UAC turn on? if yes does the setup run under elevated mode? –  Shay Erlichmen Oct 22 '09 at 10:45
I'm running on Vista and UAC is switched off. The setup still fails for me even when running as Administrator but bizzarly works fine for my colleagues who are running Vista and XP respectively. :S –  Martin Cook Oct 22 '09 at 11:38

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The correct identity name is "NT Authority\Network Service" not "NT Authority\NetworkService". A space is required then it works.

Funny that the default "LocalSystem" works directly with WIX 3.5, but for other well known accounts you have to prefix with "NT Authority...", for example "LocalService" does not work either when used directly.

i.e. fix this with:

Account='NT Authority\Network Service'

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Well.. now it fails with Windows 8.1 ! –  JB. Mar 16 at 16:32

It seems a few remnants of a previously failed install were preventing me from removing and reinstalling with Account="NT Authority\NetworkService". All is well in the universe again.

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I had the following snippet working under Windows 8.1 FR, and Windows 2012R2 ENU. But using NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE failed with the insufficied privileges error.

So, at least under recent systems you must use NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE as documented in MSDN.

              <ServiceInstall Id="xserviceInstall" Name="$(var.xServiceid)" 
              Description="x service" Start="auto" Type="ownProcess"
              Account="NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE" 
              Arguments="-w -N" Vital="yes" />
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