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I am struggling to define resources for certain types of screens. The main screens I am focusing on are:

Galaxy Ace (320x480 mdpi) Galaxy S2 (480x800 hdpi)

My questions are:

Can you define a layout for 3.2+ as: layout-sw320dp-mdpi AND drawable-sw320dp-mdpi?

If so, how do you define between the Galaxy Ace and S2 for anything lower than Android 3.2? As both screens are classed as 'normal' would it be layout-normal-mdpi for the Ace and layout-normal-hpdi for the S2?


Under testing on the emulator (API 4.0) the Galaxy Ace 320x480 decided to use the layout-sw320dp-hdpi resources rather than the layout-sw320dp-mdpi?? Very confusing!

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Having layouts based upon screen density is a code smell. IMHO, both the Galaxy Ace and the Galaxy S2 should use the same layouts, as they are the same basic screen size. – CommonsWare Apr 17 '13 at 15:39
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Galaxy S2 - 4.3'' , 480 * 800, 240 dpi

Galaxy Ace- 3.5'', 320 * 480, 164dpi

Classifying devices as per Official Android guidelines as given here :

Galaxy Ace: normal - mdpi

Galaxy S2: normal - hdpi

Therefore, using layout-normal-mdpi for the Ace and layout-normal-hdpi for the S2 would work fine !

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