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I backed up the entire public_html folder, and had the mysql backed up as well. I'm new to Magento so I did a clean install and a mysqlimport with the database. Seems like the site is almost fully back in order but the template doesn't look the same. It's using the default Magento template. I didn't copy the entire public_html folder over for the reason of having a different mysql username/password.

I tried to copy over media, skin/frontend, and app/design/frontend folders. I just need to get the original template back and I think the site should be fine.

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are the template/design to use correctly set in admin > system > config > (catalog) design > Package/Design? –  OSdave Apr 17 '13 at 16:04

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Magento is pretty portable, it just boils down to a bunch of files and a database. When moving/cloning an install all you need to do is move/backup the entire fileset and the database (as you have already done) and when restoring put the fileset in the new location and import the sql dump into new database.

When things are in place, open the file app/etc/local.xml and alter the database connection info for the new database. You also need to alter the base_url entries in the database if the domain has changed, so open the core_config_data table in the new database and find the entries with a path column content like %base_url:

SELECT * FROM `core_config_data` WHERE `path` LIKE '%base_url';

Alter the domain entries returned by this query accordingly.

Finally bear in mind there can be a large number of files in the var/cache/ and var/session/ directories which will increase the size of the backup. It is safe to delete the contents of var/cache/ but deleting the contents of var/session/ will kill all user sessions, so definitely thing twice before doing this.

I would suggest you follow this procedure in restoring your Magento install.

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I did all of this and for some reason the website doesn't look the same at all. The theme is completely different. –  Marquisk2 Apr 25 '13 at 14:28
If your store is not an identical clone after moving it to the new location by following the instructions above then something else must have been changed. –  Jonathan Hussey Apr 29 '13 at 8:14

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