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Assume we have a DataFrame with prices and volume(think finance).

What's the best way to label each price point with the volume of that price point?

                  Price   Volume
2013-04-10 04:46  1300      19
2013-04-10 04:47  1305      20
2013-04-10 04:48  1302       6
2013-04-10 04:49  1301      10
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Here is one possible implementation

I have import the following:

import pandas as pd
import datetime as dt
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Now we can recreate the data

ind = pd.date_range(start=dt.datetime(2013, 4, 10, 4, 46),
                      periods=4, freq='Min')

data = pd.DataFrame([[1200, 19], [1302, 20], [1302, 6], [1301, 10]],
                    index=ind, columns=['Price', 'Volume'])

Now I will define the annotate_plot funciton. The docstrings should have enough information to figure out what it is doing.

def annotate_plot(frame, plot_col, label_col, **kwargs):
    Annotate the plot of a given DataFrame using one of its columns

    Should be called right after a DataFrame or series plot method,
    before telling matplotlib to show the plot.

    frame : pandas.DataFrame

    plot_col : str
        The string identifying the column of frame that was plotted

    label_col : str
        The string identifying the column of frame to be used as label

        Other key-word args that should be passed to plt.annotate


    After calling this function you should call to get the
    results. This function only adds the annotations, it doesn't show
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt  # Make sure we have pyplot as plt

    for label, x, y in zip(frame[label_col], frame.index, frame[plot_col]):
        plt.annotate(label, xy=(x, y), **kwargs)

This function can now be used to do a basic plot with labels

annotate_plot(data, 'Price', 'Volume')

You can also pass arbitrary arguments through the annotate_plot function that go directly to plt.annotate(). Note that most of these arguments were taken from this answer.

bbox = dict(boxstyle='round,pad=0.5', fc='green', alpha=0.3)
ha = 'right'
va = 'bottom'
arrowprops = dict(arrowstyle='->', connectionstyle='arc3,rad=0')
xytext = (-20, 20)
textcoords = 'offset points'

annotate_plot(data, 'Price', 'Volume', bbox=bbox, ha=ha, va=va, 
              xytext=xytext, textcoords=textcoords)
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