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I am trying to get a colorbar to reside to the right-hand-side of a series of four subplots. I'm using this code but the bar intersects with the last image as shown in this fig problem

ax(1)=subplot(1,3,1);imagesc(stats.mean,[0 1]);colormap(jet(256)); title('mean');
ax(2)=subplot(1,3,2);imagesc(stats.median,[0 1]);colormap(jet(256)); title('median');
ax(3)=subplot(1,3,3);imagesc(stats.std,[0 1]);colormap(jet(256)); title('std');
set(h, 'Position', [.8314 .11 .0581 .8150]);
for i=1:3
pos=get(ax(i), 'Position');
set(ax(i), 'Position', [pos(1) pos(2) 0.85*pos(3) pos(4)]);
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I'm sure there is a proper way to do this but as a quick fix you could add a 4th subplot and then make subplot(1,4,4) an empty image with just the colorbar... –  Dan Apr 17 '13 at 15:45
You are blindly applying the solution proposed in a technical solution named How do I create a colorbar for my subplots and associate the colorbar with the figure rather than each individual axes in MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)?. What that solution does is it resizes the sublots and repositions the colorbar. You can simply push the colorbar a bit further with set(h, 'Position', [.87 .11 .0581 .8150]);. Note the .87. –  Oleg Komarov Apr 17 '13 at 15:52
@Dan could you please tell me how to do this? –  shepherd Apr 17 '13 at 16:21
Nobody can help you without knowing what stats contains. Also, try to tweak the value till the position of the colorbar is acceptable. –  Oleg Komarov Apr 17 '13 at 16:24
Just try to tweak numbers in position vector. You need to understand they are just [x, y, width, height] in figure normalized units. For example, set(h, 'Position', [.9 pos(2) .02 pos(4)]); And put it after the for-loop. I think @OlegKomarov should put his comments as an answer. –  yuk Apr 17 '13 at 16:33

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I suggest a different approach.

Suppose you are plotting the following:

ax(1) = subplot(1,3,1);imagesc(rand(100,1),[0 1]);
ax(2) = subplot(1,3,2);imagesc(rand(100,1),[0 1]);
ax(3) = subplot(1,3,3);imagesc(rand(100,1),[0 1]);

I recommend simply resetting the dimension of the third subplot which will be affected by colorbar and stretching the figure to include the added colorbar.

% Get positions of all the subplot
posa = get(ax,'position');
h    = colorbar;

% Reset ax(3) position to before colorbar

% Set everything to units pixels (avoids dynamic reposition)
set([ax h],'units','pix')

% Widen figure by a factor of 1.1 (tweak it for needs)
posf = get(gcf,'position');
set(gcf,'position',[posf(1:2) posf(3)*1.1 posf(4)])

The result

enter image description here

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