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We built an accelerator that allows users to right click on a clientID in an old ERP system (IE only), and it opens our new system in a new tab, on the client with that Old_ClientID

I'm wondering tough, is it possible to configure accelerators (in the accelerator XML or in the browser settings) so that accelerated links open in chrome/firefox/... or whatever the default browser is?

The new system contains a lot of google maps stuff that just works a lot faster in chrome, and users are complaining that they are AGAIN bound to IE(8)

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Issue: The Internet Explorer Accelerator feature takes some user selected content and using the accelerator XML definition, constructs a URI that Internet Explorer will navigate to, or optionally display in a preview window. Like following normal links in the browser there's no way to have that link open in a different browser.

Workaround: Create an Internet Explorer plugin to open the current page in the user's default browser. Your users can use this plugin to open whatever page they like in their default browser.

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I'll accept this answer because the workaround makes sense, but know that I did not actually test this. (since this problem was dated 2013, and I don't work on this accelerator anymore) –  Mvision Jan 12 at 8:18

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