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I've created a standard boilerplate ASP.NET MVC 4 Internet project. When using OAuthWebSecurity to enable my web site to do social login with Facebook, I see how I can access the Facebook user name in the ExternalLoginCallback() action in the AccountController by accessing the AuthenticationResult's ExtraData:

    AuthenticationResult result = OAuthWebSecurity.VerifyAuthentication( Url.Action( "ExternalLoginCallback", new { ReturnUrl = returnUrl } ) );

    var facebookName = result.ExtraData["name"];

When logging in with Google, however, ExtraData contains only "email". Is it possible to get the Google user name? Am I missing a configuration tweak somewhere?

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Found my answer here: Plugging custom OAuth/OpenID providers. This has been a known issue since August 2012 and as yet (DotNetOpenAuth.AspNet, April 2013) has not been fixed.

The workaround is to write your own Google provider, and the blog post above includes a complete working example. It is then a simple matter to get the Google user name:

var googleName = result.ExtraData["firstName"] + " " + result.ExtraData["lastName"];
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