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I've been troubling myself to achieve this with twitter bootstrap accordion: desired behavior

Generally, using the accordion (bootstraps collapse plugin) is not a must.

What I want to achieve is to:

  • use bootstrap as base framework,
  • have fixed-top navbar,
  • have full width/height content w/o scrollbars,
  • have 3 separate, collapsible content panes (with always only one being expanded),
  • have clicking on header part expand the content pane (and collapsing the previously expanded one),
  • have scrolling occur only in the one expanded content pane (DIV 1|2|3 in pic),
  • when content panes are collapsed, to have their overflow hidden,
  • have each content pane have its configurable min-height (for its "header"),
  • have this properly working for responsive layouts.

Would really love to get some help on this as I think I'm loosing my mind over this :(

The use of additional jQuery plugins (like jQuery UI) is "allowed".

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I was able to achieve this with some JS:

var tabsHeight = $('.accordion-heading').outerHeight() * $('.accordion-heading').length;
var height = $('#your_accordion_container').innerHeight() - tabsHeight;

$('.accordion-inner').height(height - 1);

I haven't figured out why I need to do - 1 yet but without it the .accordion-inner was too big.

Make sure to wrap this in a function and to call it every time the browser window gets resized. Also make sure that your .accordion-inner doesn't have any vertical padding or to remove that padding from the set height.

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Will check it out and let you know. Thanks. – Saran May 22 '13 at 22:11
This helped me, thanks for the simple idea! – NPC May 26 '14 at 22:28
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 <div class="ui-accordion" id="accordion">        
    <h4 class="ui-accordion-header">DIV1</h4>
    <div class="ui-accordion-content" id="accordion-div1"></div>
    <h4 class="ui-accordion-header">DIV2</h4>
    <div class="ui-accordion-content" id="accordion-div2"></div>
    <h4 class="ui-accordion-header">DIV3</h4>
    <div class="ui-accordion-content" id="accordion-div3"></div>

CSS: (nothing special)


$("#accordion").accordion( {
  heightStyle : "fill"
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As clarification, this is referencing the jQuery UI plugin Accordion rather than Bootstrap Collapse, which may be a valid substitution, but won't have the same styling or use the data attributes Bootstrap users might expect. – Patrick Jan 5 '14 at 15:13
It's still better, because it works! – kravemir Apr 21 at 18:32

Anyone have a Bootstrap 3 solution for this?

Edit (this appears to work):

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