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I know how to have multiple domains run from a single EC2 instance using apache VirtualHost, but I'm interested in having multiple IP addresses assigned for each instance.

Amazon recently added this feature. It seems that, for this to work, I have to define a VPC instance instead of the classic EC2 instances. To begin with, I wonder if it's even possible to migrate an existing EC2 instance to the VPC type in order to take advantage of this.

Also, the doc is very confusing & there are many cryptic terms that I'm not used to (network interfaces, VPC, Route tables, DHCP options, etc...), I'm totally lost!

My question is: is there an easy to follow, step-by-step, tutorial that can help me setup/configure a VPC instance and assign multiple IP addresses to it?

I googled a lot but didn't find any, I'm fairly familiar with EC2 / S3 / RDS, but VPC is a completely different beast!

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This is a good one, I just used it and it worked well.

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