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I have three tables,

Alpha - :set_code, :field_code 

Beta - :set_code, :field_code # both fields are primary key in BETA table

Gamma - :field_code, :field_name

I have three Classes in my model:

Class Alpha
  belongs_to :alpha_beta, foreign_key: 'set_code', class_name: 'Beta'

Class Beta
  belongs_to :beta_gamma, foreign_key: 'field_code', class_name: 'Gamma'

Class Gamma

In my Alpha view, I want to display the field_name in the drop down box by the selected params and give the option to change and update the field_name.

I tried like the following upto Beta table and I don't have any idea of how to getting the value from Gamma by using the Beta Class.

<%= f.select :field_code, Beta.all.map{|b| [b.field_Code, b.set_code]} %>

Note: the field_name should come under where alpha table :set_code = beta table :set_code.

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Is this what you are looking for?

<%= f.select :set_code, Beta.all.map {|b| [b.beta_gamma.field_name, b.set_code] } %>

You can access the associated records through the belongs_to relationship.

alpha = Alpha.first
alpha.alpha_beta #=> instance of Beta
alpha.alpah_beta.beta_gamma #=> instance of Gamma
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Thanks and I will check it and let you know.. –  Vinay Apr 17 '13 at 16:39

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