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I have a controller that needs to access a service. If I just simply add the service as a parameter to the constructor function of my controller it works just fine, but if I try to annotate the parameters with $inject so that I don't have problems later on minimizing the javascript I get the following exception: "Cannot read property 'User' of undefined"

Everything still works OK but I don't understand where the exception is coming from.

The code for the Service is:

var myAppServices = angular.module('myApp.services', []);
myAppServices.factory('User', function(){
        var user = {
            id: -1,
        return user;

And the controller looks like this:

function MainController($rootScope, $location, User){
    $rootScope.$on("$routeChangeStart", function (event, current, previous){
        if(User.authorized === false &&  current.templateUrl !== 'partials/partial1.html'){
            console.log("returning false")
            return false;

MainController.$inject['$rootScope', '$location', 'User'];

The exception is thrown on the last line of code above where the $inject annotation is called.

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You are missing an =:

MainController.$inject = ['$rootScope', '$location', 'User'];
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Ups! I really need to get more sleep ;-) –  Julio Garcia Apr 18 '13 at 9:32

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